Island village

Services in the middle of nature

In Kustavi Lootholma the nature is present

The nature in Lootholma offers a unique environment for vacation living. We offer year -round vacation living right by the sea in a beautiful and peaceful environment that is easy and near all amenities. The apartments are situated near the shoreline and they have amazing views of the sea. The apartments conform beautifully to the surrounding nature with their color scheme and form. The colors of the houses have been selected mimicking the colors of the terrain, rocks, pines and moss. The grass roofs blend in with the terrain. The houses’ structures are made from breathing ecological materials and no plastic has been used.

The first semi-detached house in Lootholma was finished in the spring of 2015. The building was the first push to building an island village for which planning started in 2010. At the moment, there is six 100 square meter sizes vacation apartments and two smaller, 60 square meter buildings.

At summer 2019 was built three new vacation apartments, conference facilities and a sauna world. Further there will be sauna cabins for summer 2020. Houses can be rented through our accommodation page and the apartments are also for sale.

The apartments can be used around the year and renting them is easy. You can enter the apartments using an access code that is sent straight to your mobile so you do not need a key. The apartments are situated an hour’s drive from Turku and the center of Kustavi is just a stone’s throw away. Lootholma’s own restaurant is operating in summer time and in winter time you can get restaurant services from restaurants in Kustavi. Organizing conferences and events in Lootholma is effortless.